Information on administrative contracting in the City Council.

The Contractor Profile is the site of the municipal web portal where the information relating to administrative contracting is disseminated. In accordance with the procedure for the award of Public Sector contracts and, through this website, the Agres City Council wants to ensure transparency and public access to contractual activity in a way that is clear to the public. From this page the citizen can consult the programmed contracts, the announcements of tender, the announcements of adjudication, as well as access to the specifications and other complementary documentation of the files of contracting of all the organs of contracting of the City council.

“Contractor profile.-

1.- In order to ensure transparency and public access to information relating to its contractual activity, and without prejudice to the use of other means of advertising in the cases required by this Law or by the regional regulations of development or in which it is decided voluntarily, the contracting bodies will disseminate, through the internet, their contractor profile. The form of access to the contractor profile must be specified on the institutional websites maintained by the public sector bodies, on the State Procurement Platform and in the tender documents and announcements.

2.- The contractor profile may include any data and information relating to the contractual activity of the contracting body, such as the announcements of prior information provided for in Art. 125, open or ongoing tenders and the documentation relating to them, the scheduled contracts, the contracts awarded, the canceled procedures, and any other useful information of a general nature, such as contact points and the media that may be used to relate to the contracting authority. In any case, the provisional award of the contracts must be published in the contractor’s profile.

3.- The computer system that supports the contractor’s profile must have a device that reliably accredits the start of the public dissemination of the information included.

4.- The dissemination through the contractor profile of the information relative to the procedures of adjudication of contracts will assort the effects foreseen in the Title I of the Book III. ” (Art. 42 LCSP)

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