Welcome to Agres City Hall website.

It’s a pleasure talk to all of you as Agres’ Mayor. Between my team who works hard, we have a lot of  hope to improve our village.

In this time where technolgy has become an essential part,  from this point we want to offer all the information of interest from all that happens in our village, and also show you all the interesting things that we have. This website is a way to know more about our village, such as our customs, food… definitely all the services that we can offer.

In every season you can walk around the village and see the carm, go hiking around the route of the fontains, visit the Sanctuary, go hiking to La Cava or Montcabrer, have lunch at Molí Mato or see the golden hour at la Jordana, between many more things.

When september arrives, the first weekend we enjoy our festivities in honor to  Mare de Déu D’Agres. On sundays we have pilgrimages and the last saturday of setember we have the party in honor to the pattern of our village, Sant Miquel. Come here and enjoy!

Poble de pelegrins i caminants,

d’aigua i de Mare de Déu.

Porta d’entrada a la Serra de Mariola.

Welcome to Agres!


Maria Garcia Pascual

Alcaldessa de la Vila d’Agres.