Address: Carretera Muro-Agres, CV-700, km 9, Agres, Alacant

Phone: 629 937 571

More information:

It is an old farmhouse, acquired and rebuilt at the beginning of the 18th century by Martín Melchor Calabuig Calabuig, a notary from the neighboring town of Bocairent and great-grandfather of the current owner Assumpció Calabuig López. The farmhouse was intended as a farmhouse and summer resort for the Calabuig family and has passed from parents to children over five generations until today it has become a rural house after a process of rehabilitation and adaptation. of the facilities.

The farmhouse is made up of two completely independent rural houses: Sant Joaquim I and Sant Joaquim II which are connected by a double door if the group is very large.

Sant Joaquim I: equipped with 4 double bedrooms, 1 triple and 1 single, 3 bathrooms (two of them with hydromassage shower), central heating, fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, and fireplace, living room with fireplace and TV, two terraces, barbecue outside.

Sant Joaquim II: equipped with 4 triple bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, central heating, living room with fireplace and TV, living room with extra beds and TV, dining room, kitchen with dishwasher, patio with fountain and barbecue outside.

The two houses share: children’s play area, an irrigation pond conditioned as a swimming pool, a source of fresh water even on the hottest days of summer and large spaces where you can walk and relax away from the noise of the big cities.
Pets are allowed.

The houses are rented whole, unshared, for weekends, fortnights or months.
The approximate price per person per night is € 30.
It is possible to pick fruit according to the season of the year (rovellons, asparagus, nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cherries, pears, figs, pine nuts, blackberries, endrinas and persimmons).

You can also buy typical products from the area, such as the coffee liqueur and the herb of Mariola, and from the vegetable garden cultivated by the massovers.
traditional and organic: beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, amphibians, artichokes, pumpkins, melons, seaweed melon and wheat.

Visitors are offered a wide range of activities from horse riding, hiking, cycling, even paragliding and ballooning for the more adventurous as well as guided tours.
The farmhouse is located in the center of the valley, in front of the towns of Bocairent (8 sqm) and Agres (1 sqm) where you can enjoy tranquility and splendid landscapes (we recommend Bocairent at night from the entrance of the town and, in Agres the panoramic view from the ice cellars).
In Bocairent we can visit the medieval quarter with sixteen fountains, the bullring excavated in the rock, churches, museums and the Covetes des Moros.
In Agres we can visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Agres built next to the rest of a medieval castle, walk along the coast and drink from the springs of fresh and crystal clear water and tour the Sierra Mariola famous for its medicinal herbs and the Ice Cellars or refrigerators.

In addition to the monumental importance of these places, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the gastronomy of the area (gazpaxo de Mariola, stuffed bajoques, pot balls, fried corn, pericana, borreta, olleta, Agres cream, sausages, mousse cakes, vat rolls and tuna) and finish with a liqueur, the popular herbero, made from dried anise macerated with Mariola herbs.