What they do not tell us, let us tell.

Hello, we are L’AGRESANA.

Tense before you is the first sample of the great project that we want to become: a magazine designed to be a speaker of what Agres is. For this reason, we will show you curiosities about the past of the town, the projects that arise here, activities that we organize. We will tell you what happens to the associations, and you will also learn about the experiences of many people from Agres.

Who we have created L’AGRESANA we are a group of young people with the help of the European Solidarity Corps, with the purpose of demonstrating that we are a people with a lot of life and that we do great things here. Apart from this magazine, which you can have in your hands approximately every two months, you can find us on social networks. We also have our email active for any communication.

We are a collaborative and participatory project and that is why we want to receive all your ideas, suggestions, topics that you think would be interesting to talk about, proposals, improvements, opinions… And if you think you can help us in any aspect, both technical and content, we would like to know. We want you to enjoy these pages and we expect your trust.

What they don’t tell us, let’s tell us.


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