It is not known with certainty when the parish of Agres was built, but what is sure is that its origins date back almost to the time of the conquest, since it is known that the priest of Agres went to the diocesan synods celebrated in Valencia already at a time so remote Like the first half of the fourteenth century.
It is unknown the date of the construction of the current parish church of San Miguel de Agres, but we know that in 1615 works were made to mitigate the damages suffered by an earthquake. During the same seventeenth century several reforms were made to the old building, works that continued in the eighteenth century to have the current appearance. It is necessary to say that in the 80s the last reforms were made in the restoration of the paintings that are in the interior and that belong to painters of our community like: Vicente Cerdà, Juan Pascual and Remigio Soler.

As a curiosity to say that the bell tower of this church has never been finished, although apparently so it seems.

The devotion to San Miguel Arcángel is very popular throughout the Valencian Country since the first years of the conquest. More than 25 parishes and oratories of the Archdiocese of Valencia represent the invocation of the Archangel and is also frequent in another Valencian diocese, Orihuela, Segorbe and Tortosa.

The Parish Church of San Miguel

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