This cava is located between the towns of Bocairent, Alfafara and Agres. In the Sierra Mariola 1050 meters, but north of the trees.


It is an extraordinary building of a high monumental value and the importance of their business.

In its external appearance is characterized above all his spurs it was necessary to build in order to raise the height of the tank, about 40 meters wide, 8 reinforced buttresses. N remains the top perimeter wall of the cellar, octagonal plant, which has two upper doors facing south and west.

The interior is circular, coated appliances or large masonry and mortar. In the lower parts is carved stone signs of drilling. It has a diameter of 14’50 meters and a height of 10’20 meters, which allows a storage capacity of 1,700 cubic meters. Te three manholes on different levels, the lowest in Southeast accessed base of the well by means of a corridor, access to medium level, southwest, has a room adjacent or shelter the upper floor of a room bovejada splayed.

In a sillar the outside we can read an inscription that says: de..1780 in the year 1792.Esta cellar was built by the city of Xativa.

Coordinates U.T.M. Map 144 939 820