It is located on the crest of the Sierra de Mariola and southwest face, next to the summit of the Contador, at 1200 meters high, a few meters from the mountain refuge of the hiking center of Alcoi, and next to the access track of the forest observatory Of the Counter.
It deserves a high valuation and interest, for its situation in an area visited by hikers and also for its easy access.

It is a circular deposit of about 9 meters of outside diameter, partially excavated in the slope of the mountain range and on elevated one third in the surface in the northeast side. It is surrounded by a large retaining wall that consists of a platform for access to the upper mouths.

The interior has a diameter of 7 meters and a depth of 10. Its capacity is about 320 cubic meters. The interior work is of regular dry masonry, and in the upper it is observed a mixture with mortar. In the north wall, you see a small door that communicates the interior of the tank with the outside.

This Cava, conserves its original cover, of false dome of masonry and mortar, of small coarse. The access to the reservoir is situated in the upper third, and is oriented to the east, where the retaining wall ends.

About 50 meters to the west, it remained until 1975, the remains of the House Room, or refuge of the “nevaters” of the set of deposits that surrounded him. These ruins will be integrated in the mountain refuge of the hiking center of Alcoi.

Its construction is of the first half of century XVIII.

Coordinates U.T.M. 171943 Map 821