It is located in the Sierra Mariola in a ravine west of the Resingle, on the north face of the Serra Mariola, 1220 meters high and west of the Cava Grande. It is located very close to the forest track that connects the Cava Grande with the Mariola Fountain.
Valuation: Very high for its good state of conservation and its accessibility.

Cava del Buitre It is a circular plant deposit of 11 meters outside diameter built with regular stone size masonry and with mortar in the crown and cover. The land offers a slight slope and the building gains height in the northeast side where the door is located.

The interior shows a dry regular masonry lining, which reaches 8.20 meters in diameter and the depth is 6’80 meters. Its capacity is 350 cubic meters.

The cover is a hemispherical dome that presents a good state of conservation. At the starting point of this dome there are 3 small windows facing north, southeast and southwest. The door has a light of 1.80 in height, and 0’94 in amplitude.

The period of construction has to be located in the first half of the eighteenth century, since the Baron of Agres to 1696 granted the neighbors of the village the authorization to build snow caves.