It is located in Agres to the region of the Comtat, in the Sierra de Mariola to 1220 meters of height.
This building has a great value, because of its typology and conservation possibilities, to which must be added its accessibility and its location on hiking routes. And above all we must say that this cava is the emblem of this type of buildings, as it is also the Natural Park of the Serra de Mariola.

This cava is of hexagonal plant, of regular masonry locked with mortar and ashlar. In its outer part, to the east, there is a retaining wall of polygonal layout that rises to the height of the deposit and offers a paved platform.

The inner plant is circular of 14’90 meters in diameter and a depth of 12 meters between its exterior level and the debris that fill its base, on which have grown shrubs and trees. The capacity of the tank is estimated at about 1960 cubic meters. The walls are partially covered with ivy and there is an irregular masonry with absence of mortar.

On its deck are preserved arcaded arches of ashlars on which supports a structure of wood and tile. The snow accumulated in the interior by one of its 6 access doors, one in each part of its hexagon.

Under the north door there is a vaulted room, which leads to another door through which the extractions of snow were made, next to this room there is a fountain of water.

Its large storage capacity testifies to and corroborates the tradition of the old snow trade in La Mariola, especially directed to the region of Costera and Ribera. The typology of the building situates its era of construction in century XVII. It was in full commercial exploitation until 1906 and sporadically until the 30’s, at which time its cover was dismantled.

Coordinates U.T.M. 169942 Map 821