The ice maker par excellence is snow. On this perishable subject, the Mediterranean cultures raised a very solid and vigorous trade.
This trade that boomed from the 15th century to the 20th century disappeared suddenly due to technological advancement, the creation of ice artificially, so that many deposits in urban areas disappeared quickly, others have had a rapid degradation, and finally others They are forgotten and solitary to the mountain ranges of the Valencian Community, showing to all its great wells and walls.

The Cavas of the community are part of its heritage for three very clear reasons: as monumental buildings, as elements of rural architecture, and as part of the Valencian mountain landscapes. Some refrigerators, due to their size and careful structure, are authentic monuments and creditors for themselves, protected like so many other buildings.

All deposits, even the most deteriorated or simple, are elements of rural architecture.

Finally, note that these cavas have enhanced and uniquely singled out the places where they are located, often lost in the mountains.

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